Frecuently asked questions

What kind of electric current is used in the hotel?

As in most of Mexico the electric current used in the hotel is 110 V, we recommend to our guests that use another type of electric current (220 V) to approach reception and ask for a power adapter. The hotel has electricity 24 hours a day.

What are the most common forms of payment in Tulum?

The hotel accepts all kinds of credit cards, but several places in the area do not accept credit cards, therefore we recommend that our guests bring cash or use the nearby ATMs, in places where they accept credit cards, it is very likely that make you an small charge for administrative use for pay by credit card.

Are ATMs near the hotel?

In the proximities of the hotel are located several ATMs, these can give either US dollars or Mexican pesos, however we recommend to all our guests to use ATMs belonging to banks as they charge more affordable commissions.

Are there mosquitoes in the hotel? What season are there mosquitoes?

temporada que mas se puede sentir la presencia de mosquitos en la zona. The hotel is located in the hotel zone of Tulum, which is also surrounded by extensive vegetation so you can see mosquitoes and other kinds of insects, we recommend to our guests to get repellents which can avoid the sting of these, The rainy season is the season that most can feel the presence of mosquitoes in the area.

When does the hurricane season begin?

The Hurricane Season begins in August and ends in November, at this time Tulum as well as several parts of Mexico suffer various climatic effects and may suffer arrivals of hurricanes and / or tropical storms

Tulum has a different time zone from the rest of the country?

Tulum as all Quintana Roo state has one and only time zone unlike the rest of the country, this time zone star from October 30th till April, in this season Tulum has different time zone from the center of Mexico, the rest of the year Tulum and the center of Mexico have the same time zone.

In case of any emergency and i have to cancel mi trip, what i have to do?

In case of any emergency we recommend to put directly in contact with us and we can tell you how to proceed, we also recommend to all our guests hire a travel insurance that has a coverage extension and covers in case of: Flight cancellations, cancellation in case of: hurricanes and accidents.

What is the best way to move around Tulum?

In Tulum there is several ways of transported and get to know the surrounding areas, bicycle, taxi and if you like you can rent a car. You can take a taxi easily outside of the hotel or if you like you can call the reception and a taxi will be waiting at the front of the hotel, we recommend to our guest ask about the cost of the trip before take the taxi and avoid misunderstandings. The hotel doesn’t have bicycle for rent but next to us there is several places where you can go.