Select the Massage of your preference from the catalog located in your room... from what we assure you, it will be an unforgettable experience.

We have an expert team of certified professionals. All treatments can be booked through the concierge at least 24 hours in advance and must be canceled at least 24 hours. Otherwise the cost of treatment will be charged at 70%. All treatments are done in the rooms.

Deep Tissue Massage

It is a full body massage that skillfully combines various manual techniques in order to create a personalized and synergistic treatment. Its effectiveness stems from the involvement of the operator's body using the elbow, forearm ... to get more effective with less effort. Benefits: relaxes muscles and improves circulation of body fluids, eliminates stress and regenerates accumulated.

Sport massage

It is a massage used generally in people who practice sports but nevertheless it can be adapted to any other person: according to the needs of the client different massage techniques are used (Swedish, shiatsu, ...) in order to relax the Muscle tension and improve the performance of the healthy. Benefits: Reduces heart rate and blood pressure, increases lymphatic circulation and reduces muscle tension.

Relaxation massage

Suitable to eliminate fatigue, relax accumulated muscle tension, which helps to preserve and improve psychological well-being. It calms the mind and reactivates the vital functions of the strengthening of the nervous and immune systems. It acts as a gentle analgesic in pain points, to contract the muscles in tension. Benefits: favors sleep decreases stress, improves circulation and breathing, giving a sense of harmony.

Swedish massage

Calming and tranquilizing, this massage uses several manuals in order to reactivate the muscles, stimulating them. Suitable for those who practice sports or sedentary subjects, as it releases the body accumulated waste and increases the amount of oxygen in the tissues. Benefits: stimulates blood circulation, eliminates toxins, stress and stress.

Facial Treatments

It is a specific treatment for the face, facial exfoliation with base to choose, includes a shiatzu massage (face, neck and bust) and a few minutes of reflexology in the feet. It can choose as a base, honey, prevents dryness of the skin and hydrates deeply. (Not suitable for people suffering from diabetes) or oats, optimal to remove impurities from the skin and protect it. You can take this treatment in the comfort of your room.

Aromatic Massage

This method uses drift of aromatherapy essences derived from plants to maintain and rediscover their own well-being and their health. And "one of the easiest ways to use the wisdom of hands together with the power of essential oils, to take care of body health and" psycho-physical balance. Benefits: Essential oils exert a complete action on mental and physical level energy, regenerating the entire body.


Powerful weapon to fight against stress and anxiety. Body scrub with chocolate-based algae, chocolate wrap on back, body massage with chocolate oil and coconut milk moisturizer. Not recommended for people suffering from diabetes. Advantages: excellent relaxing, detoxifying and reaffirming properties.You can take this treatment in the comfort of your room.

Special body treatments

This treatment consists of an exfoliation and a body massage. You can choose a base for your treatment between: aloe vera (emollient), papaya (moisturizer), mango (exfoliating) or mud (regenerating). Advantages: Restores elasticity to the body's moisturizing tissues, regenerating and giving a pleasant feeling of freshness.You can take this treatment in the comfort of your room.

Honey body treatment

A suitable treatment to eliminate the superficial layer of the skin consisting mainly of dead cells: exfoliation with 100% natural honey, honey wrap in the back, body massage with moisturizer. Advantages: it restores the elasticity and freshness to the skin, counteracting the natural aging process.You can take this treatment in the comfort of your room.