Mayan Ceremony

Mayan Ceremony

Bless your love to the Goddess Ixchel (Earth) in this Mayan ritual to purify your love in a different way and normal.

Spiritual Marriage

Ceremony Surrounded by copal incense and petals of colorful flowers representing the 4 cosmic directions, the couple is "bathed" in these elements. This symbolizes the blessing of each cardinal point.

Mayan Marriage Ceremony

The seven directions are evoked (cosmic father, universal earth mother, the four winds and the center of our own hearts, as well as the central point of our life).

Colorful flowers of the Mayan tradition are used to play, harmonize. Cup, water and musical instruments are used to attract the divine energies of the universe. A circle is formed by the guests with the couple in the center, near the altar, where the energy of the ceremony is concentrated.

Vow Renewal.

You will be purified by the spiritual healer and then guide in a ritual that connects you forever. This is an ancient pre-Hispanic ceremony that is the backbone of the earth and forms a relationship that begins with tranquility and spiritual respect.