Chichen itza

Chichen itza

A full day dedicated to visiting one of the mysterious and fascinating Mayan cities of the Yucatan Peninsula. The visit of this unique archeological site will allow you to get to know the famous "Pyramid of Kukulkán", on its façade, the Feathered Serpent is drawn during the dusk of the equinoxes. A few steps from the monumental pyramid is located the "Pelota Ball" and in the center of the pitch, when it is applauded, the echo is repeated seven times evidencing one more of the Mayan mysteries.



On a full day it is possible to visit a Mayan village, a spectacular cenote and the archaeological site of coba, visit a Mayan village to learn and observe the daily routine of this ancestral culture which is still more alive than ever these days. From there a short bike ride will take you to the Coba archaeological site where a jungle hike will take you to the incredible pyramid "Nohoch Myl", the highest pyramid in Yucatan, which is possible to climb 42m high to the top.

Sian ka'an

Sian Ka´an

The Sian Ka'an Biosphere covers an area of 5,280 square kilometers and this National Park is one of the most beautiful and unspoilt places in the Mexican Caribbean.

The first part of the tour that we make by boat, traverses the paths of the lagoon until reaching the "Island of the Mangroves" and the "Island of the Birds" where cormorants, frigates, silly birds, pelicans, fishermen and spatula birds await us . The second stage takes place in the fishing village of Punta Allen where, after a small snack and with the snorkel equipment ready, we will swim in the clean and pure waters of the sea of Sian Ka'an. The walk through the sea includes a stop in a unique panorama of natural pools, snorkeling in the coral reef of multi-colored fish, ancient corals and a marine diversity that can be compared to the diversity of life in the jungle. Sometimes dolphins are observed that accompany the boats in their route and in the distance you can see turtles and marine stars. On the way back to Punta Allen, a delicious meal awaits us at a buffet of a fisherman's restaurant.

Ek balam

Ek balam and Rio lagartos

Ek Balam means in Yucatan Maya language "The Black Jaguar" and it is an incredible archaeological site that had its days of splendor towards the S. VII under the reign of the Ahau (king) Ukit Kan Lek Tok who was buried with a rich treasure in one Temple that was recently discovered; The facade of the tomb of Ukit Kan Lek Tok is perhaps one of the masterpieces of the Mayan sculpture where you can see some winged beings, as if they were angels. Buffet food in a typical biosphere restaurant in Río Lagartos. Unforgettable ride on a boat that runs along the Rio Lagartos sea arms where millions of flamingos nest and it is possible to observe the crocodiles and interact with the spider monkeys.



From the Maya "Dzonoot" meaning "hole with water" these wonders allow access to an extensive system of underground rivers, from covered cenotes to open cenotes Tulum has a great variety of cenotes for any kind of adventure, whether it be Scuba, Snorkeling, or Just swim you will discover a new world.